A great way to ensure that you are using a title company that is responsive and educating in the ways of TRID is to do the following…
  •  Request Title Fees from the title company indicated on the purchase contract
  •  Request Title Fees from Integrity Title
  • Tell the agent that you have to use Integrity Title simply because they are probably cheaper than their in house title company but since you cannot get a response and cannot start on the loan without a response you have to make an executive decision
TRID is turning out to be fantastic because it truly eliminates the agent and title company from tripping over themselves.  Make your life easy and to the above.  Integrity is fantastic and it makes the entire client experience more enjoyable.  Even if there rates are the same or worse I’m going  to use them simply because I trust Renee and they are responsive. I think of the 4 purchases that I got the last few days 3 are using Integrity and they are CBG agents. Chris Fox I President F&B Financial Group