Construction Disbursing

Lender’s Construction Module

Our construction disbursing department offers disbursing services regionally. Our department is managed and operated by Integrity Disbursing, LLC, which is a wholly owned company of Integrity Title Solutions LLC. All projects are managed on a state-of-the-art disbursing platform which has direct web portal access 24 hours a day. Owners, builders, developers, general contractors, vendors, and lenders are able to view inspections of their project, make payment requests, monitor payment status, and generate detailed reports.

Currently, commercial developers, city and state governments, land developers, residential home builders, and private individuals building their own homes, utilize our disbursing system to help manage their projects effectively and efficiently.  Our primary goal is for our department to serve as an extension of every involved party, so that all monies for each project are managed accurately, keeping the owner’s best interests in mind.  Although managing the disbursement of construction funds is vital, collecting invoices and mechanic’s lien waivers from both subcontractors and suppliers is extremely crucial in making sure that the project is completed free from liens, keeping both the owner’s and lender’s positions in good standing.




Disbursing Documents

Lien Waiver – Download PDF

Disbursing Guidelines – Download PDF


For more information, please contact Luigi Vigna or Tiffany Adair at 314-291-8102.